About Academy Ballroom Atlanta

9 Years in Business

Academy Ballroom Atlanta opened in the spring of 2006 and quickly became known as the “Dance Training Center of the South”. With many of the top social and competitive professional s in-house, we guarantee the best quality ballroom and Latin dance instruction in Georgia and all of the southeastern states. After years of teaching in Atlanta, Eddie Ares met with a small group of fellow independent instructors, and the group decided that Atlanta needed to change with the times. Academy Ballroom Atlanta, a studio designed to cater to the teachers, the students and all aspects of the dance business was born.

Stress Free Enviroment

Academy Ballroom Atlanta is a place where all dancers can go to work in a stress-free environment, be in control of their own destiny and income, as well as bring their best product to the competition floor, and at the same time enjoy a great quality of life right now as well as the future. Dancers love to dance! And they need a space to accomplish their goals on the practice and competition floor without the distractions and demands of a bossy studio owner.

Ownership Team


Joe Lacurto

Owner and Organizer
Chasity Smith

Chasity Smith

Manager and Co-Founder

Eddie Ares

Owner, Dance Champion

Our Missions

At Academy Ballroom Atlanta our mission is simply to provide a studio where teachers and students as well as amateur couples can come and develop their skills in a very professional fun and friendly environment. We have something for everyone! No contracts needed, just pay as you go; you are your own boss, a professional attitude and a common courtesy to your fellow dancers is all that is required. We offer group classes and private lessons, dance parties and several social events for both competitive and social dancers.

Our Goal

At Academy Ballroom Atlanta our goal is to enjoy one of the most fun hobbies in the world: dance! In addition, we aim to connect independent and studio-working teachers and students regionally as well as nationally together in the very first stress-free, supportive atmosphere, giving them the opportunity to be a part of a new generation of studios. We strive to create both social and competitive, fun incentives to continue the growth and development of our great industry. We as Academy Ballroom Atlanta are growing internationally and have changed with the times. Won’t you join us? We’ll see you on the dance floor!

Do you say you do, or do you do? Join us today!