Academy Specials

New Students Special

2 Group Classes, 2 Private Lessons for $45*

*Applies for any group classes denoted on calendar with “ABDT”; private lessons to be taken with ABDT instructors . (30 min. duration each private lesson) *$45 for a single person, $65 for a couple.

Social Special

Tell us how we did.

Let us  know how we did, by leaving us a review on any of your favorite review places like, Facebook, Google Plus or Yelp, etc and we’ll give you 2 beginner group classes for free. New and Existing Customers.

Wedding Special

5 Private Wedding Lessons for $350*

Planning your wedding? Don’t forget your first dance! Let an experienced instructor teach you what you need know to make your first dance as a married couple beautiful and memorable! 5 private lessons for $350.

Do you say you do, or do you do? Join us today!