Elizabeth Massey Turpin: My Story


04 Apr Elizabeth Massey Turpin: My Story

Elizabeth Massey Turpin

Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Massey Turpin and I am a dancer at Academy Ballroom. I have been dancing ballroom for only one year. My mother put me in my first ballet class when I was three years old and by age five, I started tap and jazz. A few years later I was introduced to contemporary and I fell in love with dancing and everything about it. I danced for eighteen years and last summer, at twenty-two, I met Eddie Ares and he introduced me to the world of ballroom. Being a fan of the show, Dancing With The Stars, I always wanted to try ballroom and after only one lesson with Eddie, I was hooked. I decided to quit ballet, jazz, contemporary, even college, and focus on making a future with ballroom dancing. In two months, he prepared me for my first competition, Greenville Dance Challenge, which is where I met my partner in crime, Elena Gallegos.

There he asked the two of us to join the Atlanta Ballroom Dance Theater and of course we said yes. Eddie saw what great friends Elena and I became and started calling us the “Dance Sistas”, which is exactly what we have become. Together we dance, compete, and even attend the teacher training class that Eddie and his wife, Chasity Smith, has provided us with to prepare our future in teaching at Academy Ballroom. I am blessed to have these opportunities and I look forward to sharing with you my future experiences as well as hearing all of yours. The ballroom world is a beautiful place and we are blessed to be a part of it.

  • What was the turning point in your life that made u decide that ballroom dancing was what u wanted to do from other forms of dancing !!

    • Massey

      I can honestly say that it was after my very first lesson. Learning how to connect with a partner and to feed off each other’s energy are two of the main things that made me fall in love with it apart from how beautiful the technique is. I have always had such a passion for dance, but ballroom dancing is different from any form of dance that I experienced growing up and the thrill I feel during competitions and performing is a happiness I wish I could describe.

  • omakad

    Good to meet you Elizabeth.

    • Massey

      It’s wonderful to meet you!