Great Things are Happening!!

05 Jun Great Things are Happening!!

Atlanta Open, training with Karina Smirnoff and Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine!! This month has been amazing thanks to the awesome opportunities that have been presented at Academy Ballroom. Atlanta Open was a totally new experience for me and definitely got me warmed up for the wonderful things to come this year. I have been working hard to raise money for competitions and have raised enough to compete not only at the Millennium Dancesport Championships, but also at the United States Dance Championships!! I am so thankful for all these great opportunities. But with these opportunities arising it’s always good to gain some knowledge from those who know a lot about the competitive world of ballroom dancing. Training with Eddie Ares, Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine, and Karina Smirnoff has taught me a lot about dancing but also about the life of a dancer. Recently graduating high school I still continue to love learning, and picking their brains has helped me to understand the hard work and dedication it took them to get where they are in their careers. I am so excited for the future and thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves, next step Millennium!