Greenville Dance Challenge

Greenville Dance Challenge

It is crazy how much can happen in a year.

In August of last year, I had just started ballroom and was getting ready for my first competition at Greenville Dance Challenge. I didn’t know that that was only the beginning…

Since then, I have met and worked with some amazing teachers… Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine being one. The way he teaches is amazing. I can’t really describe what it is he does that connects with me during our practices, but he shows how passionate he is for movement, feeling, living…the things that bring dancing to life.

Luckily, I was able to work with him earlier this month when he flew into town for the Greenville Dance Challenge. He is now co-organizer with Eddie Ares for it and the two of them together, to me, really seems to be the perfect match for putting on a competition. The talent they have seems like it comes so easy for them, but I know the hard work behind it all. I loved seeing that week how excited they were about the weekend because it’s always inspirational seeing people so happy doing what they love.

And that’s exactly what they are. INSPIRATION!

The night we got to Greenville, I had dinner with Emmanuel and his partner, Liana Churilova, along with some other dancers there for the competition. I have loved Emmanuel since I first met him so I was so happy to spend more time with him outside the studio .That was my first time meeting Liana and I just loved her. She has the sweetest personality. It was such a treat to spend time with her and hear her story about her life and dance.

The day of the competition, I was able to spend even more time with Liana. She worked with me in one of the ballrooms for about two hours on technique. She mostly focused on my footwork and balance. It was so fun working with her because we are the same age and we had each other laughing a good bit…especially when I couldn’t understand her accent on some words. She was telling me how she didn’t know any English when she moved to America. It’s so impressive to think how she moved here alone, to work so hard in dance and having to learn a whole new language at the same time. She really is amazing.

After, I got to watch Elena and some of our friends compete. They all did so awesome and Elena won Top Gold Student as well as the Gold Scholarship. Proud dance sista right here!! Watching the competition made me wish I was out there competing as well! I still got to dance that night. ABDT performed in between Emmanuel and Liana’s dances. That was my first time seeing them dance live. It’s unbelievable.

I am so impressed with how Greenville Dance Challenge has grown. I am already looking forward to see what Eddie and Emmanuel will have planned for next year.


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