Hotlanta the Classic

Hotlanta the Classic

I miss October..

It brought so many great things this year.

Like…when Jonathan Roberts came to the studio to teach!

I had been hoping Jonathan would come to teach at Academy Ballroom because I had heard such great things about him. He taught me so much, not just technique, but also great advice on teaching for when I start this coming year. I was not expecting him to share such great knowledge and tips with me, but I am so thankful he did and that I am able to learn from a dancer like him..he really is as nice as everyone says!

Jonathan Roberts

Before I found out Jonathan was coming to teach, the main thing I was looking forward to that month was Eddie Ares and Chasity Smith’s competition, Hotlanta the Classic. Eddie and I could not compete with it being his competition, but I helped out there and that is when I really saw the hard work that Eddie and Chasity put into making the weekend such a success…and that is exactly what it was. The hotel, the competition and the evening shows were all perfect and really showed ballroom at its best.
My favorite night was Saturday night.. No, not because I got stuck in an elevator for almost an hour at 2:30AM (and you better believe I took the stairs 13 floors up once I finally climbed out), but because Saturday night was the show, Duel De Cabaret, presented by Eddie, Chasity and Jake Mazhar. Jake and his teacher, Yuliya Besarab, actually gave a preview on what the show would be like with their amazing performance at the Friday night show.

I had been looking so forward to the show and their performance since I first started seeing them practice for it at the studio during my practices. They impressed me so much and I was so proud because that was Jake’s first performance. Both of their hard work really showed that weekend.

I told Eddie and Chasity how inspired I was because the shows were so amazing and I felt like I was at USDC with the talent they brought to Hotlanta. Honestly, one of the main things that made this year so awesome with competing was not just because it meant I got to dance, but because I got to travel more than I usually do and see such amazing dancing. How could I not be inspired??

It inspires me to do even more with my future than just dance. Maybe one day I will own a competition…maybe a studio..maybe both! I see the hard work that goes into creating these businesses and events, especially after Hotlanta, and I respect the people like Eddie and Chasity who put their time and effort into them. All I know is that I have amazing things to aim for and amazing people to help me get there.