Julián Mejía

Julián Mejía studied Casino-style Salsa in Miami, where Casino Salsa is king. He began teaching Casino-style Salsa when he moved to Atlanta in July of 1999; SALSAtlanta grew out of these classes. SALSAtlanta is a group dedicated to dancing a particular style of Salsa known as Rueda de Casino. This dance originated and evolved during the late 1940’s and the 1950’s in Havana Cuba, and later, Miami, when Cuban emigrants who brought their music and customs to the United States– into breathtaking combinations of spins and footwork. One couple may dance the steps alone, but the dance is best viewed with several couples dancing in a circle.

One person calls the name of a step, and all the couples execute the step at the same time, frequently changing partners around the circle. This is how the name “Rueda” [Roo ay dah] developed, which means ‘wheel’ in Spanish. The result is a fast paced, beautifully synchronized, exciting dance. SALSAtlanta, has been teaching to dance Salsa in Atlanta since 1999, in Athens since 2001, and in Buford since 2009 and over 4,000 students have taken our class. We teach 12 different levels of Rueda de Casino and no partner is needed.