Karina Smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff

I have been in the best mood for the last week…

…but who wouldn’t if you were able to work with Karina Smirnoff!

I have mentioned before that the reason I wanted to try ballroom dancing in the first place was because of Dancing With The Stars, so when Eddie and Chasity told me last month that Karina was coming to teach at Academy Ballroom, you better BELIEVE I put my name down on the list to have a private with her.

Let me go ahead and tell you… It was amazing.

When I first met Karina, she was such a sweetheart and so funny. I loved that during practice she was cracking jokes because I think that is one of the keys to being an amazing teacher. It’s also a nice reminder to enjoy the journey you are on, whatever journey that may be.

Eddie and I worked with her on our Cha Cha and she took that dance apart, going over every detail from head to toe. We worked on my arms, turns, hips, rotation..everything you can think of. With some things, I still bring out the ballet technique I grew up practicing, so thankfully she had a lot of patience with correcting me on that. We practiced technique over and over and over again..I was so in the moment the whole time and focusing on everything she was saying.

Thankfully, I filmed my lessons with her so I can go back to watch and memorize everything she told me..

It’s amazing, though, because every single time I watch Karina perform, she seems to truly enjoy what she is doing, but when she was teaching me this past week, she seemed to enjoy that just as much as performing. It’s so inspiring to see someone who is so successful be so happy doing what they are doing. It makes me look forward to growing every year, not just as a performer, but as a teacher as well.

I really am so thankful.