Myron Abernathy

Myron Abernathy (also known as “Smoove Salsero”) is one of Atlanta’s up and coming salsa instructors and performers. A proud “salsaholic” for over 7 years, he has been trained by some of the best instructors in Atlanta and the world. Always hungry to grow and evolve as a dancer, he has also taken countless workshops with many world-renowned salsa instructors.

In July 2007, Myron and his partner Jacenta Cobb took 1st place in Flamingo Productions’ Latin Elegance Salsa Competition. He has also performed with his dance company iSalsa Productions at venues such as Jimmy Rumba’s Salsa Jam in Atlanta, GA, “Spicy Salsa” in Athens, GA, and 1st Fridays at Tropicabana in Augusta, GA.

He also plays a big role in promoting Atlanta’s ever-growing salsa scene, coordinating events for iSalsa Productions, as well as “Sheila’s Salsa,” and has recently began DJing at Sheila’s monthly salsa socials from time to time. Myron also teaches every Friday at The Sanctuary night club in Atlanta.