Nashville Ballroom Challenge

Nashville Ballroom Challenge

The Nashville Ballroom Challenge, organized by Eddie Ares and Randy McBride, was an awesome experience for me. I was so happy and proud to take home top Gold Student and win the Rhythm Superstar Dance Series Scholarship!! The day started off slow but once I stepped on the floor time seemed to speed up. I started off with twelve single dance entries at the beginning of the day and then my scholarship that night.

The week of the competition Matt Watson, my pro-partner, and I practiced everyday, not going to lie, I was stressing pretty bad. But somehow before every competition I seem to feel the same way, especially with this one, because I had not competed since Hotlanta the Classic last October. I told Matt that I wanted to work as hard as I could before Nashville so that there was no questioning that I gave it my all. People say to dancers all the time, “You make it look so easy…” and that’s because the work put into it isn’t.

With all the practice competing wise, Matt and I both still had to get ready for the amazing show happening that Saturday night at the competition. Sergiy Samchynskyy and Yulia Beserab were the guest performers that night, accompanied by Atlanta Ballroom Dance Theatre. The theatre worked as much as possible to get routines perfected and it was definitely executed that night in the show. The one thing that I loved so much about competing and performing that weekend was all the support I had! Not only was my best friend Elizabeth Massey there competing as well, but all my fellow dancers were so encouraging I don’t know what I would have done without them!!

The Nashville Ballroom Challenge was so much fun, not only did I compete and perform, but I also made some great memories!! With all the awesome things I got to experience at the competition I also got to explore Nashville!! I got to visit the Johnny Cash Museum, downtown Nashville, and the location of the old Grand ole Opry. The Nashville Ballroom Challenge not only gave me the opportunity to perform and compete, but also the opportunity to experience a one of the nation’s most popular and musically historic cities.

  • Chas S

    Congratulations Elena!!! It was so great to see you dance!! 🙂


    elena, u danced fabulous in nashville!!! what’s your next comp??? and r u going to attend the united states championships this year??? can’t wait to see u at the united states level !!!

    • Elena

      Next up is Millennium! And now USDC is a definite!