Spring Tulip Classic

Spring Tulip Classic

Last weekend, I got to visit Canada for the first time and it was beautiful!

I wasn’t able to visit much of the city because I was there for the Spring Tulip Classic Competition, but the little site seeing I was able to do made me leave wanting to see more, so I will be back Canada!

For the competition, my pro partner, Eddie Ares, and I competed in Rhythm dancing the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, and Mambo. My nerves were getting to me..

The thing that I am still having to work really hard on is connection. You would think that after a year of learning ballroom that you would have it by now (or at least that is what I thought), but I have been told different. I am always reminded that it takes time to truly connect with someone and to learn how to feel what they are telling you to do next through it.

Connection is a beautiful thing and I never saw that until I started ballroom dancing.

Eddie and I only competed Friday and the competition went great! Later that night, he and I along with his wife, Chasity, two of his other students, Julia Lattner and Ann Yearian, and my partner in crime..my mother, went to dinner at Skylon Tower. This restaurant was at the very top of the building and the room rotated around, looking out at Niagara Falls and the city. I think I took about one hundred pictures just during the time we were able to see Niagara Falls and the firework show that was later that night. If people couldn’t tell we were tourist to begin with..they could now!

On Saturday, I was able to actually watch the competition during the day. That night, Spring Tulip Classic ended with a professional show that was mesmerizing! The dancers were absolutely beautiful. The whole show was. I didn’t want it to end.

And the after party…so much fun! It had delicious food, fun dancing, and great people. The weekend was just perfect!

Thank you, Scott Ruddick and Carole Simmons, for having me and congratulations on such a successful weekend.